High Quality Replacement Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop (4400mAh, 6 cells)

  • SKULACTM3260C6
  • ConditionReplacement, Brand New
  • Voltage11.1V
  • Capacity4400mAh
  • Number of Cells6 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-ion
  • ColorBlack
  • Size202.70x46.52x23.60mm(L x W x H)
  • Warranty1 Year
  • AvailabilityIn Stock

High Quality Replacement Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop (6600mAh, 9 cells)

This is a high capacity battery, the back of this battery will extend out about 1 inch(bigger size).
  • SKULACTM3260C9
  • ConditionReplacement, Brand New
  • Voltage11.1V
  • Capacity6600mAh
  • Number of Cells9 cells
  • Cell TypeLi-ion
  • ColorBlack
  • Size202.7x67.15x23.6mm(L x W x H)
  • Warranty1 Year
  • AvailabilityIn Stock
Note : 1. 10.8V and 11.1V are compatible, they are in common use. 2. The 6600mAh(9 Cells) battery will extend out about 1 inch from the back of the laptop.
The new Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop battery 11.1V 4400mAh(6 cells) is made of high-quality lithium-ion battery cells, which has been tested to be brand new and totally compatible with the original manufacturer specifications, meets or even exceeds the original battery performance. With high-quality battery cells and materials, your laptop will run longer and more secure. Moreover, this battery has no "memory effect" and you don’t need to discharge before each charge. It is more convenient for you to use our replacement Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 batteries.
Our Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop battery which we design is in strict accordance with the highest control standards. It carries with a smart interior circuit board that provides battery-unbalanced-shut-off protection, thermal-runaway protection, overcharged protection, over-discharged-shut-off protection, and high/low-temperature-shut-off protection. Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 notebook battery is made of environmental friendly materials, without lead and mercury. It is certified as a safe and reliable product through a series of rigorous tests on the Acer examine system.
Thank you for shopping the Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop replacement battery at LaptopBatteryDirect.net. Our batteries are packed in cartons with anti-static bags and anti-pressure sponges to effectively protect the batteries in transit. We have a rigorous inspection process to ensure that your order (e.g. this battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 notebooks) is perfectly functional before shipping to you. Before placing an order, you'd better look at our battery from following pictures and check if it is the same as your original one. Please make sure that you pick out the correct battery to avoid ordering mistakenly.

Product Larger Images

Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop Battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptopBattery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop

Compatible Acer Part Numbers

  • 3UR18650F-3-QC262
  • 3UR18650F-3-QC-ZR1
  • 3UR18650Y-2-QC261
  • 3UR18650Y-3-QC262
  • AK.006BT.017
  • BATEFL50L6C40
  • BATEFL50L6C48
  • BATEFL50L9
  • BATEFL50L9C72
  • BT.00404.011
  • BT.00603.006
  • BT.00603.010
  • BT.00603.025
  • BT.00603.030
  • BT.00604.001
  • BT.00604.004
  • BT.00604.012
  • BT.00903.007
  • CGR-B/6H5
  • LC.BTP00.001
  • LC.BTP00.002
  • LC.BTP01.006
  • LIP6220QUPC SY6
  • LIP6220QUPC
  • Q20168

Compatible Acer Laptop Models

  • Aspire 3030
  • Aspire 3032WLM
  • Aspire 3032WLMI
  • Aspire 3034WXMI
  • Aspire 3050
  • Aspire 3050WXMI
  • Aspire 3053NWXCI
  • Aspire 3053NWXMI
  • Aspire 3053WXCI
  • Aspire 3053WXMI
  • Aspire 3054NWXCI
  • Aspire 3054NWXMI
  • Aspire 3054WXCI
  • Aspire 3054WXMI
  • Aspire 3200
  • Aspire 3600
  • Aspire 3602NWXM
  • Aspire 3603NWXCI
  • Aspire 3603NWXM
  • Aspire 3603NWXMI
  • Aspire 3603WLCI
  • Aspire 3603WXCI
  • Aspire 3603WXMI
  • Aspire 3603XCI
  • Aspire 3608NWXCI
  • Aspire 3608WXCI
  • Aspire 3608WXMI
  • Aspire 3680
  • Aspire 3680WXCI
  • Aspire 3680WXMI
  • Aspire 3681NWXCI
  • Aspire 3681WXCI
  • Aspire 3681WXMI
  • Aspire 3682NWLMI
  • Aspire 3682NWXC
  • Aspire 3682NWXCI
  • Aspire 3682NWXMI
  • Aspire 3682WLMI
  • Aspire 3682WXCI
  • Aspire 3682WXMI
  • Aspire 3683NWXMI
  • Aspire 3683WXMI
  • Aspire 3684NWXMI
  • Aspire 3684WXCI
  • Aspire 5030
  • Aspire 5033WLCI
  • Aspire 5033WLMI
  • Aspire 5034WLMI
  • Aspire 5050
  • Aspire 5051ANWXMI
  • Aspire 5051AWXC
  • Aspire 5051AWXMI
  • Aspire 5051NWXCI
  • Aspire 5051NWXMI
  • Aspire 5051WXCI
  • Aspire 5052ANWXMI
  • Aspire 5052NWXMI
  • Aspire 5053NWXMI
  • Aspire 5053WXMI
  • Aspire 5500
  • Aspire 5500Z
  • Aspire 5501WXCI
  • Aspire 5501WXMI
  • Aspire 5502WLMI
  • Aspire 5502WXCI
  • Aspire 5502WXMI
  • Aspire 5502ZNWXMI
  • Aspire 5502ZWXCI
  • Aspire 5502ZWXMI
  • Aspire 5503WLMI
  • Aspire 5503WXCI
  • Aspire 5503WXMI
  • Aspire 5503ZNWXMI
  • Aspire 5503ZWXCI
  • Aspire 5503ZWXMI
  • Aspire 5504WXMI
  • Aspire 5504ZNWXMI
  • Aspire 5504ZWXMI
  • Aspire 5570
  • Aspire 5570ANWXCI
  • Aspire 5570ANWXMI
  • Aspire 5570AWXC
  • Aspire 5570AWXMI
  • Aspire 5570NWXCI
  • Aspire 5570NWXMI
  • Aspire 5570WXMI
  • Aspire 5570Z
  • Aspire 5570ZWXMI
  • Aspire 5571ANWXCI
  • Aspire 5571ANWXMI
  • Aspire 5571AWXMI
  • Aspire 5571NWNMI
  • Aspire 5571NWXCI
  • Aspire 5571NWXMI
  • Aspire 5571WXCI
  • Aspire 5571WXMI
  • Aspire 5571ZNWXCI
  • Aspire 5572ANWXCI
  • Aspire 5572ANWXMI
  • Aspire 5572AWXMI
  • Aspire 5572ZNWXCI
  • Aspire 5572ZNWXMI
  • Aspire 5572ZWXCI
  • Aspire 5572ZWXMI
  • Aspire 5573WXMI
  • Aspire 5573ZWXMI
  • Aspire 5575ZNWXMI
  • Aspire 5580
  • Aspire 5580WXMI
  • Aspire 5582NWXMI
  • Aspire 5582WXMI
  • Aspire 5583NWXCI
  • Aspire 5583NWXMI
  • Aspire 5583WXCI
  • Aspire 5583WXMI
  • Aspire 5583XCI
  • Aspire 5583XMI
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  • TravelMate 2480NWXCI
  • TravelMate 2480WXCI
  • TravelMate 2480WXMI
  • TravelMate 2481NWXCI
  • TravelMate 2481WXCI
  • TravelMate 2481WXMI
  • TravelMate 2482AWXMI
  • TravelMate 2482NWXCI
  • TravelMate 2482NWXMI
  • TravelMate 2482WXCI
  • TravelMate 2482WXMI
  • TravelMate 2483AWXMI
  • TravelMate 2483NWXCI
  • TravelMate 2483NWXMI
  • TravelMate 2483WXCI
  • TravelMate 2483WXMI
  • TravelMate 2484NWXCI
  • TravelMate 2484NWXMI
  • TravelMate 2484WXCI
  • TravelMate 2484WXMI
  • TravelMate 3210
  • TravelMate 3210WXCI
  • TravelMate 3210XCI
  • TravelMate 3210ZWXCI
  • TravelMate 3212NWXCI
  • TravelMate 3212WXMI
  • TravelMate 3212XCI
  • TravelMate 3213WXCI
  • TravelMate 3213WXMI
  • TravelMate 3213ZNWXMI
  • TravelMate 3220
  • TravelMate 3220WXCI
  • TravelMate 3222WXCI
  • TravelMate 3230
  • TravelMate 3242NWXMI
  • TravelMate 3260
  • TravelMate 3260ANWXCI
  • TravelMate 3260ANWXM
  • TravelMate 3260WXMI
  • TravelMate 3261ANWXCI
  • TravelMate 3261AWXM
  • TravelMate 3261NWXC
  • TravelMate 3262
  • TravelMate 3262NWXCI
  • TravelMate 3262NWXMI
  • TravelMate 3262WXMI
  • TravelMate 3263ANWXMI
  • TravelMate 3263AWXM
  • TravelMate 3270
  • TravelMate 3270-6569
  • TravelMate 3270NWXMI
  • TravelMate 3270WXMI
  • TravelMate 3271WXMI
  • TravelMate 3272NWXCI
  • TravelMate 3272NWXMI
  • TravelMate 3272WXCI
  • TravelMate 3272WXMI
  • TravelMate 3273AWXCI
  • TravelMate 3273AWXMI
  • TravelMate 3273NWXMI
  • TravelMate 3273WXCI
  • TravelMate 3273WXMI
  • TravelMate 3274NWXCI
  • TravelMate 3274NWXMI
  • TravelMate 3274WXCI
  • TravelMate 3274WXMI
  • TravelMate 4310
  • TravelMate 4313WXMI
  • TravelMate 4314WLMI
  • TravelMate 4314WXMI
  • TravelMate 4315WLMI
  • TravelMate 4315WXMI

Shipping Methods

shipping methods

Payment Methods

payment methods


1-Year Warranty
We offer Full 1 Year Warranty on our Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop battery. Warranty is applicable if the buyer has installed the battery properly in the device and has treated the battery correctly.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee
30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with our Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 notebook battery. We will check all functions of our all products before delivery.
Please note: in order to qualify to get your money back, you must first contact us and await instructions before sending back your product.


If there is any problem with the battery you purchased from us, please contact us first. We will proceed your request and seek solutions to your problem. If our technical engineers can not solve the problem, we will generate the RMA number for you (Return Merchandise Authorization) so that you can return the battery to us. If test result indicates that the returned battery is defective, we will bear the shipping cost of the battery.
Please note: we cannot process returned batteries if you have not yet received an RMA number.


Q: How do I select the right replacement battery for my laptop?

A: First of all, you need to assure the model of your laptop or the part number of your laptop battery. Then look for the battery you need at laptopbatterydirect.net. Finally, you can check whether the battery you find is compatible with your laptop or not on the "Compatibility" table (for example, Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262). If you don't know how to find the right laptop for your laptop battery, you can click How to find one correct battery for my laptop? for more details. Moreover, you can click the icon "Live Chat" on the right of this page to ask us.

Q: How to charge the Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop battery properly?

A: You should charge the replacement battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop before the battery exhaustively discharged, otherwise it will shorten its life. It is feasible to charge the laptop battery before the power is less than 20%. Meanwhile, the battery should be charged in a dry place, and please pay attention to high temperature, which is biggest threat to battery life.

Q: How to deal with the replacement battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 when you won't use for a long time?

A: If you let your Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop battery lay idle for a long time, please charge the laptop battery or discharge to about 40%, and then put it in a dry and cool place to save. Indoor temperature is best maintained at 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, because the temperature is easy to accelerate the battery aging either too high or too low. You'd better fully charge and discharge battery at least once a month. Finally please save it in accordance with the above method.

Q: How to replace your Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 Laptop Battery?

1Turn off your Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop and disconnect the AC adapter.
2Release the latch or other attachment devices that hold your battery in place.
3Slide the old battery out of its compartment or storage bay
4Take the replacement battery for Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 laptop out of the box.
5Slide it into the notch or bay.
6Close the safety latch to lock it into place.
7Reconnect the AC adapter and give the new battery for your Acer 3UR18650Y-3-QC262 notebook a full charge.

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